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ONLINE EXAMS ద్వారా చాలా ఉపయోగాలు వున్నాయి.
అందులో కొన్ని,

*స్టూడెంట్స్ కి టైం సేవ్ అవుతుంది.

*NEET, Eamcet, I-CET ,Polytechnic వంటి ఫ్యూచర్ COMPITATIVE EXAMS కి ఎటువంటి భయం ఉండదు.

*compitative exams అంటే ఒక అవగాహన వస్తుంది.

*SYSTEM మీద ఒక అవగాహన వస్తుంది.
*COLLEGES ,స్కూల్స్ వాళ్ళకి TIME సేవ్ అవుతుంది.
*sirs కి madams కి pressure తగ్గుతుంది.
*online exams conduct చేస్తారు..
*Mana Exams వాళ్ళే వున్నా అందరి స్టూడెంట్స్ కి tabs provide చేసి exams రాపిస్తారు.
*Mana Exams వాళ్ళే వాళ్ళ Software ని provide చేస్తారు, Exam time lo ,studentes అందరికి దగ్గర ఉండి tabs ని open చేసి ఇస్తారు.
*free internet provide chestaru.
*after the exam స్టూడెంట్స్ result ని మీకు mail ద్వారా పంపుతారు.

online exams valla schools vallaku vunna advantages

*As a measure of academic achievement. Mana examinations are frequently used to assess scholars’ knowledge and chops in a particular subject area. This information can be used to track scholars’ progress over time, identify areas where they need fresh support, and make opinions about future coursework.

*As a tool for council admissions. numerous sodalities and universities use Mana examinations as part of their admissions process. This helps them to assess scholars’ academic eventuality and to compare them to other aspirants.
*As a way to prepare for professional examinations. numerous professional associations bear their members to pass a Mana test in order to exercise their profession. This helps to ensure that professionals have the knowledge and chops necessary to perform their jobs safely and effectively.
*As a way to gain entry into a competitive program. Some programs, similar to medical academies or law academies, bear aspirants to pass a Mana test. This helps to ensure that only the best aspirants are admitted.

Benifites of college studentes

*Online Mana examinations are getting increasingly popular among council scholars. There are numerous reasons for this, including

Convenience Online examinations can be taken from anywhere, at any time, which is especially accessible for scholars who have busy schedules.
strictness Online examinations can be customized to meet the conditions of individual scholars or classes. For illustration, scholars can choose to take the test in multiple sittings or to have access to the questions and answers after they have completed the test.

Bettered performance Studies have shown that scholars tend to perform better on online examinations than on traditional examinations. This is likely due to the fact that scholars are more comfortable and less stressed out when taking examinations in familiar terrain.
Increased access Online examinations can make it easier for scholars with disabilities to take examinations. This is because scholars can choose to take the test in a format that’s utmost comfortable for them, similar to using a screen anthology or a large print interpretation of the test.
Reduced costs Online examinations can save sodalities and universities plutocrat on printing and grading costs. This is because examinations can be delivered and graded electronically, eliminating the need for paper examinations and mortal graders.


*మీకు ఒక్క నెలలో 1 EXAM కావాలి అనుకుంటే EACH స్టూడెంట్ కి 100 RUPEES పడుతుంది . అంటే ఒక్క ఇయర్ కి 1200 పడుతాయి.
*మీకు ఒక్క నెలలో 4 EXAMS కావాలి అని అనుకుంటే ఒక స్టూడెంట్ కి ఇయర్ కి 3000 రూపీస్ పడుతాయి.
*మీకు ఒక నెలలో 3 EXAMS కావాలి అని అనుకుంటే ఒక స్టూడెంట్ కి ఇయర్ కి 2520 RUPEES పడుతుంది .
*మీకు ఒక నెలలో 2 EXAMS కావాలి అని అనుకుంటే ఒక స్టూడెంట్ కి ఇయర్ కి1680 RUPEES పడుతుంది .

full adress and numbes details

NAME; Neelima Chowdary

(Buseness Development Manager)


ADRESS; Nehru Nagar (khammam)

PHONE NUMBER; 9966407407

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